THE LOAFERS WALK – Prasantt Ghosh

Your choice of loafers makes a huge impact on your ensemble. Make a statement with eye popping prints and hues or keep it stylishly simple with classic neutral Loafers can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They can be worn in the office for casual occasions and with dressy outfits too. Identifying the right style is the key. Men should think of loafers when they wish to tone down their formal look, like with a suit on a hot summer day. For a night out, step out in a sockless pair with chinos and a blazer for a casual day out Give sneakers the day off and switch to a pair of comfortable loafers worn with shorts and tee.

Women look extremely stylish in dressy loafers that often come with low heels. ‘’ pair them with everything from a trouser suit for a formal look to skirts, shorts, dressers and skinny jeans for casual wear. Knowing which type of loafers would go well with your outfit in critical to effectively pulling off the desired style.

If you are looking for a pair that easily matches with multiple outfits go for black, navy, grey brown or nude. And of you want your footwear to demand attention without becoming garish or in your Face go for a neutral coloured ensemble and wear loafers on pretty kalamkari or quirky prints. Men can opt for colour blocked loafers in attractive colours.

IT’S not just the branded shoes. Your walk could make or mar you. Anyone who walks carelessly may seem to lack grace, while the one who walks correctly embodies the beauty of motion and harmony of poise, revealing both Physical health and grace.

According to experts, it is advisable to hold the upper part of the body erect and balance it alternately on each hip without undue swaying. When you take a step, the weight of your body should swing on the ball of your foot.

The strain felt ought to be shared by both the heel and toes. Also make sure you hold your leg straight and when playing it on the ground, first Place the heel, then the ball and the toes. In acquiring the proper movement, you’re walking should indeed give pleasure and be pleasurable, promoting graceful carriage, something any figure deserves.

Keep your head up, shoulders back, chest out and stomach in. Walk erect and easily, swinging your Legs from the hips, keeping your shoulders squared. Do not put your heels first on the ground. Slapping down your toes next; put your whole foot on the ground, leaning more on the balls of your toes.

Do not turn your toes out or in; try to keep in a straight line or two close parallel lines. When you stand keep your feet comfortably together, not   far apart. When you walk do not have your arms sticking out like pump handles or swinging like weathercocks in the wind. Carry your clothes as if they were a part of you, not slung on any way. People will be prejudiced for or against you by your walk and the way you wear things.


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