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 When you go shopping you need to have an idea about what style you are comfortable wearing. If you plan to change your style for whatever reasoning, don’t make drastic changes. Finally, what influences what you wear is your attitude towards your image. So choose your priorities when you go shopping for clothes dress well and take care of how you look.

 Way to go about is look at your skin tone. If you have tanned skin, then reds, blues, yellow sand soft pastel shades are your palette. But if your skin tone is fair, darker colors will look striking. Ideally your jacket should be soft at the shoulder, slim in the body and cover your bottom; just like it was made for your body. Solid colors, bold patterns, military-inspired prints can offer the versatility you were looking for in your mix-and-match ensemble. As winter sets in, you will need hardy and practical variety in jackets. 

For a formal dressed up look, match with slim-fit grey trousers, slightly above the ankle to show dark grey socks when sitting down or walking. You can even mix-and-match your jacket with blue denim wash slim-fit jeans, chinos or wool trousers to match the occasion. 

The three buttoned single fronted jacket is the most slimming. This style will present you in a well dressed and well shaped light. It allows for a greater area of the upper body to be exposed and creates a greater illusion of shoulder width versus hip size. Never wear a button down shirt with a double breasted jacket. This is one of those design and dressing rules. You will take away from the effect of the double breasted jacket and start to appear too fussy.

Every fashion season sees new styles, colors, and silhouettes emerging to guide people about how to dress. Whether it is formal or casual, there is a lot to get along with. If you don’t like suits, you can choose to wear jackets. Get the best out of tailoring collection. Ensure your jackets fit well. It’s a good idea to get a good tailor who can stitch a modern slim-fit jacket that flatters the body shape. 

There should be no puckering at your shoulders across your back or behind the lapels. The rear vent should sit closed when your jacket is done up. Side vents are great to hide a wider waist or bottom. If you want to appear slimmer from behind opt for jackets with a side vent as they can open a little without exposing your bottom.

Keep a double breasted jacket buttoned up at all times. This style of jacket does not lend itself to being worn undone. To look smart at all times leave it done up. Metal buttons on a jacket dress it down. A jacket with metal buttons will immediately be considered a sports coat unless it is a military uniform.

Lighter weight and coloured jackets are great for summer and more tropical climates suit jackets that are lighter both in colour and fabric. This is great for everyday wear but remember to darken the colour and formalize your appearance if you wish to make an impact.  Typically, blue will never go out of style; whatever the weather, the color has never really left the modern man’s wardrobe. This season has amazing slim-fit men’s formal shirts, and more relaxed, casual collections of printed textures, paisley patterns, and off-duty checks, military inspired, linen blends, and of course, cotton. Update your wardrobe to shades of turquoise, cyan and electric blue and add life to a drab and dreary wardrobe in the winter season. For casuals, military colors to your wardrobe can be a wonderful addition to your very own seasonal collection. Invest in a great blazer that can be worn with pants or jeans.


 Every man should have a great blazer in wool. Cashmere wools are light enough to be trans seasonal.   The pocket flap on your suit jacket can be folded in to give your jacket another line. The flap pocket can be folded in on itself to create a besom pocket. It looks very smart. Do not overfill your pockets there is nothing worse than looking as if your life savings are stored in your pockets. Carry only what is necessary and if your pockets are still overstuffed find a bag that will suit you. Purchase your pants and jackets in neutral colours for greater versatility. Those of you who have had your colours.

Suit jackets fit into three categories. The British has lightly padded shoulders tapers to the bodyline and has side vents. The Italian is more fitted to the body has stronger shoulders and is generally without vents. The American jacket is less constructed and looser in fit.

 When you buy a shirt pay attention to the style, fit, fabrics and construction, wearing a good fit is important. Typically, shirt sizes are made keeping in mind your height, whether short, average or tall and the shape of your body, whether slim, skinny, broad or athletic. You can opt for a tailoring collection to get a good fit. If you prefer a layering style statement, make sure the shirt fit is tighter than your jacket. Ideally, the shirt’s cuffs should be half-an-inch longer than the jacket sleeves, and the collar should be about one-inch over the jacket’s neck.




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