Traditionally a diamond is the most emotional piece of jewelry a woman is given in her life time. Jewelry today is not a generic category of fashion. It is not just a commercial piece of ornamentation. It is not just an investment. It is on the contrary a verbal mode of communication and a liberating expression of one’s personality.

It speaks of who we are how we think our sensibility and even our ideology to an extent. It varies with our moods and different phases in our lives. We have a much deeper relationship with our jewelry than we acknowledge.

While the romantic element is obviously very important at the time of engagement, constructive advice is also needed while purchasing a diamond. Since buying a diamond is such an important emotional purchase and often a financial investment of some size the following may help.

  1. Seek out a reputed jeweler one you have dealt with before or whom friends recommend a jeweler with a reputation to protect is not going to cheat you.
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Any experienced jeweler knows that a diamond purchase is important and he will understand your concern.
  1. Keep in mind the four factors that determine the value of your diamond. These are known as the 4cs cut, colour and clarity and carat weight.
  1. Bear in mind the fact that the diamond is the most important part of your ring. Of course you want an attractive setting, but don’t compromise the quality of your diamond by paying for an attractive setting. Remember you can reset your diamond in a different design at a later time if you want. But the gem will be one you can enjoy for years even hand down to your grandchildren because a diamond is forever.
  1. Don’t be afraid to look at several rings and try them on. Take your time. A good jeweler will want you to select the very best diamond you can which you will enjoy for many years. After all a satisfied customer may return to his shop.
  1. If you’re looking for bargain forget it. There aren’t any when it comes to jewelry. In fact beware of any ‘’ special offers’’. And above all take a proper receipt and the purity guarantee card of the jewelry you buy which will later help you to resale the product and get the price.
  1. Once you have a diamond engagement ring, look after it. The jeweler from whom you buy your ring can advice on insurance and it is wise to have the ring professionally cleaned every year and the setting checked so there is no danger of losing your diamond. The rest of your time you can clean your diamond jewelry by simply giving it a good washing to which any commercial washing up liquid has been added and gently scrub your jewelry with a soft toothbrush. After this a quick rinse in clear water will keep your diamond sparkling between annual visits to your jeweler.
  1. Remember the most important investment you make in buying a diamond is an investment in beauty. The beauty and rarity of diamonds go back many centuries when the diamond obtained its name from the greek word adamas meaning ‘’unconquerable’’.

Since that time the diamond has been the symbol of eternal love. The fun comes in wearing them.

With this in mind a careful and responsible attitude is needed when buying diamonds.

THE WRITER IS A FASHION DESIGNER AND CHOREOGRAPHER AND CAN BE CONTACTED AT email – [email protected] , www.prasanttghosh.org


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