You’ve just received summons from the head office. Or you’re going out with your gang to the far east, Europe or the States. Or you’re taking a train or a bus to a safari in Jaisalmer or in the forests of Gir. Either ways, you need to pack your bags with the right clothes.

Firstly, it is all important to check out the weather at your destination. Or chances Are, you may end up sweating under that heavy home- spun jacket or shivering in your  Smiley t- shirt and sunflower bermudas.

Choose only wrinkle free, no fuss clothes. Go easy on the numbers. Less is more, remember/ do pack a night  change, a pair of sneakers if on a holiday or sensible light heels if traveling on business. And   don`t forget a pair of bathroom slippers.

Undergarments, socks,  kerchiefs and tissues, an emergency   medical kit and the basics toiletries. And of course, a handy  camera to click pictures with.

You will need your regular office suit or formal kurta set, sari if you are traveling on work.  Opt for a trouser suit in terrycot or terry wool. The kurta set or sari should also be in a blended fabric like terryvoile, terrycot or polysilk.

If travelling for pleasure, choose lycra – blended t- shirts or bodies in bright colours or in happy floral prints to wear with calf length gathered skirts, comfortable jeans  or  parallels. Your gym wear i.e your lycra tights, leotards and sweat shirts, can also double up as travel wear. You may want to carry your favourite straw hat, or the usual baseball visor. Dark glasses are a must.

Kurtas wearers should carry only smart terrycot sets in clean, pared cuts and cheerful colours. Carry just one formal set for the evening out. However, kurtas with heavy embroideries viz. beads, mirrors are best left at home. The saris should get a rest to their collection and opt for salwar suits instead.Points to remember is carry less clothes ,only those what you required , buy local dresses from destination for remembrance and wear it in the journey as well.

The holiday trip could also be an opportunity to freak out with the choice of clothes.       -So, go ahead and try those loud colours, the bedcover florals, the whacky outfit or accessories. You could also mix and match pieces that you wouldn’t otherwise .Try a leotard with a poly chiffon sarong or a rajasthani kurti with a hat .Remember you are in a place where few people know you so why not enjoy yourself.


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