Add colour to your life – Prasantt Ghosh

Add some colours with strength so you don’t fade away to nothing. Choose and discard colour according to your colour of your skin. Colour can really affect the way you feel. It can affect our health and even change your personality. It can also alter the way people feel about you.

Avoid wearing black too close to your face. This will instantly enhance all of your facial lines and age you immediately. It will also fill in lines with dark shadows and make you appear much older than you are.

For example, if you were faced with two people , one dressed in brightly coloured clothes and the other in dark browns or greys, the chances are you’d want to make more conversation with the one dressed on bright clothes. You instantly assume that the one dressed in bright is the life and soul of the party. Scarves with a splash of colour will give you an instant lift.

To prove it, let’s take five colours, and analyzed what they say about you…


Purple is regal and dignified, the colour for people who love to look smart and sophisticated. Wear purple and you’ll be full of confidence. For accessories go  for gold for that really Glam look.


Red is exciting and stimulating .Truly the colour for extroverts. It’s a colour that makes you feel bold and able to tackle anything. It’s just the colour to wear at parties to make you the centre of attention.


Wear pale blue if you’re   in a mood to unwind and relax. Blue is a very soothing colour because its association with water. Relax in a baggy jacket and tube skirt, the perfect casual outfit.


Team yellow  with orange, a great colour combination that’ll make your outfit something special. If you’re taking an exam wear yellow because it meant to increase the brain power; it’s also meant to be a sunny and cheerful colour.


Green is meant to be one of the most relaxing colours to look at. It makes us feel tranquil. It’s also the colour to wear when dealing with a tricky situation.

Apart from colours for clothes, colours are chosen for accessories and make up too. Accessories are generally chosen in the same shade as the outfit and make up as the skin tone.

Most Indian women have dark hair and eyes and skins that Range from fair to olive to brown. So more often than not they go for shades of red, black, pure White, violet, bright blue and a bright pink.

What colours would suit an Indian  women the best? There is no doubt that woman in our country look best in maroon or almost brick red colour. This maybe reason why red is always worn by brides apart from it being the symbol of happiness.

The other colours are emerald or a very fresh green, a bright pure white. Black only suits those with a fair skin. Here’s a list of colours for different skin types which should and should not be used.

For fair skin.

Use pure white, red grey, black, all shades of pink, navy blue, spinach and emerald green, purple and violet.

Do not use; brown, orange, gold beige.

For dark  skin.

Use- Red, pure white, fuchsia pink, aquamarine, grayish blue, deep orange, silver, dark mauve and fresh green.

Do not use; Black, brown gold and light orange. How do you access the advantages and disadvantages of wearing the right or wrong colours?

The Right colour adds radiance to your face lifts contours of the face, makes the eyes sparkle and makes one look younger. In contrast the wrong choice of colour dulls your complexion, accentuates lines and wrinkles hardens facial features and overshadows the face.

But how do you go about choosing one. The best way would be to hold the fabric against your face and you will know at once whether that is the correct choice, because it will bring a glow to your skin. Appropriate choice of colour is the most important thing.


The accessories you choose are also important for highlighting your appearance. Go for fresh clean glasses. Keep an eye on the plastic nose pieces of your glasses as they can start looking old and dirty before too long. It costs very little to replace them and keep your glasses looking fresh.

Wear fine metal framed glasses. These will give you a more modern and lighter younger look.

Dispose of all chunky, plastic framed glasses. Heavy plastic frames are typical of old people change them to thin metal or go frame less and you will drop years instantly.

You will find some types of jewelry suits you better than others. Some people look great in costume jewelry, while the others carry the same. Remember it’s not how much one spends on clothes  that counts. It is how one wears it. So be wise and judicious before making the buy.


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