Historically women wore jewelry to attract the opposite sex so that they could procreate and further the human race. And men wore jewelry to signify their social and financial status. If only things had remained so simple.

Jewelry today is not a generic category of fashion. It is not just a commercial piece of ornamentation. It is not just an investment. It is on the contrary a none verbal mode of communication and a liberating expression of one’s personality. When wearing jewelry the focal point is a feature that the eye is directed to. This can be your collar, earrings, a broach or a chain .More than two focal points will make you appear overdone.

It speaks of who we are how we think our sensibility and even our ideology to an extent. It varies with our moods and different phases in our lives. We have a much deeper relationship with our jewelry than we acknowledge.

Sure some of this has carried forward over centuries because it is historically, but there is another reason why people wear jewelry. And in the modern world it is becoming more valid for a lot of people than just pure adornment. This is good to keep in mind for when you are travelling or haven’t the chance to change after work for another function. Simply by changing your earrings and adding some bracelets you can transform your look There are people who could afford eyeball sized diamond but prefer to wear silver instead after all they would never want the homogeneity of wearing just some diamonds. Though antique jewelry has been around for about a year and a half, it’s still very much in. Normally, people make outfits to complement this kind of jewelry, which has a blackish gold polish. Diamonds were and always will be the ‘in thing’ though this season in particular, uncut diamonds are a rage.

There are fun people who look just right with big colorful plastic or wooden bangles and would probably look odd in gold. There are still others who wear costume jewelry with their designer clothes and carry them off with élan and some who look regal in their precious jewels. This is why jewelry must really be about the wearer and not the designer. Ideally each piece should have little evidence of the designer ego and should be as dynamic as subtle and as unique as the personality as bold or understated as the wearer mood and as classic or Avant garde as the occasion may demand.

A person’s jewelry is like their handwriting it speaks volumes. Make sure your accessories don’t take centre stage and annoy your colleagues in office by clinking incessantly or clanking against your keyboard. When buying necklace its length is important. The longer your chains hang the greater vertical line you will create visually. Don’t have pendants stopping dead centre on a full bust as this makes your bust a focal point. Just above or below will give you a good line. Twist long pearls and a chain together for a very glamorous look.

Remember do not show off your jewelry everywhere. Business wear suits court shoes, gold watches and gold chain necklaces .Gym cloth suit sports shoes, ponytails and plastic watches. Just do not mix the two.

Besides jewelry pieces passed on to you by your grandmother and mother, buy some contemporary and trendy jewelry from reputed jewelers and insist on certificates of purity. The mangalsutra is the most important piece of jewelry besides bangles, kadas, nose rings, tikka, earrings, chokers and necklaces are the part of the Indian marriage jewelry.

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