Finger Paint – By PRASANTT GHOSH

Good morning Readers, today you will know the right colour to match your finger nails according to your skin colour. But what you read is only a guide line. As always, the only way to know for same is to know for sure is to try don’t hesitate to ask the sales women to put a good-sized drop of polish on your fingers, next to the nail. Then hold each finger away from you and look objectively. Does the colour make your skin look clear, smooth, even toned? The right colour will definitely do.

Once you‘ve got it, make the most of it by ignoring all the odd colour clinches. Don’t match your lipstick to your nail polish, it looks prissy and contrived. Tone them each other instead the same with the clothes .Tone your polish with what you are wearing, don’t try to make them.

Now I‘ll tell secret of wearing any shade of nail polish successfully – is to find the colour family that most enhances your skin tones. Here are some guidelines.

For sun tanned skin-

If it’s at that first of the season golden beige stage, all the yellow –based colours –corals, true red –are perfect but remember, fading tans after turn sallow; when that happens, switch that colours with pinker under tones.

*For medium to dark olive skin –

Off colours are good as long as they are warm ones –dip dusty pink, a rasp berry red. Stay away from any colour with a tinge of yellow since olive skin tends to be sallow.

  • If you ‘ve very white skin with visible blue veins-

Look for colours with a blue under tone, such as red – blue. Blue whitens white skin, bring out the delicacy of it and minimises the veins. {Too much blue, however can make you & your skin looked drained}. Avoid colours with yellow under toned they‘ve the opposite effect.

*For fair slightly pink fragile –blonde skin tones –

Soft pinks gives a fresh, feminine sexy innocent look, browns are also good.

For Irish colouring ie fair skin with pale freckles-

You can wear coral beautifully especially a pink carol. Also, medium yellow red, which has a touch of pink to it.

For strawberry blondes, freckled redheads-

Colours with a yellow undertone tend to cool any ruddiness and even out your skin tone. Try a yellow carol, also a sharp, clean yellow red.

For fair skin with a slightly olive undertone; –

– You should be able to carry off strong colour well hot pink, fuchsia, a bright true red.

Blue toned colours, including blue reds. Blue whitens yellow, smoothes the skin tone.

For older woman -mistake not to make-

Those very light, very soft ultra muted, pink browns. They don’t do anything for you because as we get older our skin tends to get a bit muddy, too shy colours don’t help. You need more colour not less. A dusty pink that’s more pink than dusty is the idea not blatant, but with some warmth and zing. It will perk up and clarify your skin tone instantly.

THE WRITER IS A FASHION DESIGNER AND CHOREOGRAPHER AND CAN BE CONTACTED AT prasanttghosh999@gmail.com // http://northeastinternationalfashionweek.com/

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