Putting together a separate wardrobe for the summer is a lot of fun and doing so in advance will save you all the uncomfortable moments in the summer season. Summer clothes are not always about loose fitting garments. Your summer clothes can be really chic and sexy if you manage to gather the right kind apparel.

Things to consider before buying summer clothes. Summer is the season where you are bound to sweat incessantly. There are many factors you need to consider about summer clothes such as –

  1. Comfort is the keyword out here. You are definitely not going to be indoors or in an air conditioned room throughout the day and night and when you move around the uncomfortable weather may seem to make you want to chuck out all the fashion ideas out of the window. Think about all the things that are lined out for the summer season and plan your clothes accordingly. You would need breathable fabrics and comfort fits that still look super cool when worn.
  1. Plan a cool look for a hot season; the summer means you can jazz up your wardrobe and look really cool. So what are the wardrobe essentials for the summer season? Get the scoop on the entire summer fashion fundas right here?
  1. Summer clothes for girls. Girls can have a field day planning cool looks with their summer clothes. Tanks are the most coolest and hippest summer clothing you can purchase to keep the summer heat away. Available in various colors and snug fits these are also available in blends of lycra. Get one in your wardrobe and team it with jeans for a cool look. Summer clothes can be incomplete without the mention of soft billowing dresses. Pick out cotton fabrics or light material that have halter necks. Look for flares on the lower half of the dress.
  1. With the soaring temperature you can never go wrong with short cropped pants. These are ideal for the casual outing as well. Casual shorts when worn with tees look really comfy for the summer season.
  2. Summer clothes for guys; guts can simply opt for summer clothes that are high on the comfort factor and trendy to sport as well. Casual tees with smart slogans sheer shirts that show off the sculpted body basic jeans cargos etc can also form a part of your summer clothing. Soft colors, soft fabrics and a trendy pair of sunglasses can help you feel comfortable in the summer season.


Accessorize it right; summer clothes without the right accessories would really not create the right impact. Add some variety to your summer clothing with some chunky jewelry. Necklaces with big pendants beaded earrings and bracelets can turn any plan outfit into an interesting look. Girls need to go in for open toed footwear or strappy sandals with heels and guys can go in for open footwear as well. After all there’s no point if your body stays cool but your feet sweat it out.

Drink lots of water not only to replenish moisture lost to the heat and sweat but also to help flush toxins out of the body and keep skin looking clear and lustrous. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and herbs. These supply your skin with essential nutrients and antioxidant which can fight free radicals generated by uv rays. Carrots, lettuce, celery, asparagus, leafy greens and citrus fruits are good choices.

Avoid caffeine and hard drinks. Have small frequent meals rich in protein and low in fats.

Avoid use of excessive cosmetics as it occludes your skin and doesn’t allow it to breathe well.

Have fun in the summer with the right kind of summer clothes and sizzle in your summer attire. After all with the soaring temperatures you might just bring about a new wave of relief for people around you.

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