About Us


The North East International Fashion Week (NEIFW) started in 2015, is a platform to support upcoming aspiring Fashion/Jewelry Designers and models and discover new talents. It is a platform to grow up with the established names of the fashion Industry and upgrade oneself. It is a professionally managed fashion show with top national/ international models being flown in from Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata every season and also from neighboring countries like Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri lanka and Malaysia to present the creations of the local, national and international designers. Northeast International is the best platform for any fashion designers, jewelry designers, accessory designers as well as models and Corporate Brands.

It has potential for fashion trade and gives budding youngsters’ Designers the opening they need to make an impression in the market. The event is an attempt to infuse North East’s unique heritage of indigenous crafts with Avant garde style and give it a global exposure. The entire show is managed under the banner of Fashion Designer & Choreographer Prasantt Ghosh’s ‘Kreative People (visit www.prasanttghosh.org). If you are a budding designer, you would want to be here and not anywhere else because it gives the best promising mileage in a reasonable amount.

Worth mentioning here is a fact that NEIFW is not just another Fashion Event but a Fashion Event with a social cause. The social theme of the event previously was for the Old-Age home; Eye and body organ donations, Plant trees and protect the environment, give shelter and protect the animals along with PETA, India and other NGOs. Most importantly the objective of the event is to create brand awareness among the public and media associated with the fashion industry of the North East. There are also fashion accessories stalls from budding and established entrepreneurs in this event.

NEIFW always target the domestic/international buyers with the right trends and promote Northeast Handloom and Handicrafts. NEIFW also has an impressive lineup of designers and models from Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. It is a landmark event in the sense that the Northeast is now going to be the latest fashion destination for all designers of the neighboring regions.